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LMC Contracting

LMC Contracting was originated approx. 1974 to assist our Parent Company Ludlow Memorial with projects that we contracted. Over the years we have grown LMC into a familiar name that represents honesty and a dedicated work effort, a family business that strives to make all projects successful and relationships with our clients long-lasting.

Please see below for the items we contract:

Abrasive Blasting of all types Wet - Dry / Blastrac /

Industrial / Commercial Painting / Sealants / Coating / Epoxy Floors

Concrete repair -Pressure Grouting Crack Repair

Natural Gas Line Renovation and Construction

Recreational Facilities - Tennis Courts -Basketball Courts - Skate parks

Excavation -Grading


Water Infiltration repair Water / Sewer

General Contracting


Stone work / Brick Pavers

Brush Mowing Maintenance / Invasive species

Fabrication / Welding / Shop / Portable

Equipment Repair and Painting

Remodeling Commercial Space

Land Clearing

Solar Array Maintenance